The Nicebot

Client: Champions Against Bullying

Role: Integrated Producer, 3D modeller

The Goal: 

Combat cyberbullying on Twitter, the most negative social platform on the internet.

The Project:

Cyberbullying is more prevalent today than ever before. In fact, something mean, cruel or hurtful is posted on Twitter every minute. So we built the NiceBot – a Twitter spambot that will eventually tweet one nice message to every single user on Twitter. All 300 million of them.
The NiceBot is the first-ever use of spam for a positive cause. And as such, Champions Against Bullying became the first organization that Twitter has allowed to use unsolicited automation to reach people. 
In addition to living on Twitter, we 3D printed physical NiceBots and sent them to influencers who have taken a stand against bullying. Each NiceBot is powered by a Raspberry Pi and 4G enabled, and displays all of the nice tweets as they go out in real time.
I handling all the 3D design, modeling and printing of the physical bots. In addition I managed our development team, coordinated the project launch with Twitter, 3D modeling, 3D Printing and assembly of the physical bots.
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