The Goal: 

Develop a campaign that speaks to the LGBT community and encourages them to consider PNC for their financial needs.

The Project:

For the "Your Next Step Counts" campaign we focused in on the one action that has defined social progress - the footstep. When things get hard, humans have marched for the progress they deserve, putting one foot in front of another for a greater cause. In one's financial life, it's similarly a series of steps that needs to be taken to achieve a goal, start a family or plan for retirement. This campaign was created to show PNC's action oriented commitment to helping the LGBTQ community accomplish these goals.

The project was never actually produced, but if was.....this is how it would've went down: By partnering with FitBit we were able to hold a first of its kind march for equality. All 1000 participants were given a FitBit and directions to sync it with our #MyNextStep app. For each footstep taken in the march, PNC volunteered to donate 50 cents. This allowed each person marching to directly raise money for the Human Rights Campaign, an advocacy group that has been fight for LGBT rights since 1980. The app featured a simple UI that allowed the participants to track their progress in real time, and then share out their accomplishment on social. 


Client: PNC Bank (Concept Work)

Role: Designer/Art Director


Your Next Step Counts