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Reebok  Nano X1

The Nano is one of Reebok's most iconic fitness shoes - a true cross training workhorse. I designed, directed & animated both a Teaser & Tech spots for the X1 campaign. All the animation for the Teaser was built around a deep breath in the middle of an intense workout. For the inhale, the equipment sucks in together to form the shape of the X1 before exploding out on the exhale.  Marc carried out the sound design perfectly for this.  The Tech Spot offers a visualization for the ideation of the shoe - from sketch to reality. The flipping camera transitions here were inspired by the A$AP Rocky 'Forever' Music video.

Agency Producer

Post Producer

Creative Director



Motion Lead

3D Illustration

Halley Mangano

Zack Herpy

Pete Johnson

 Krish Karunanidhi

Lyla Abi-Saab

John Hatheway

John Hatheway

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