Music Takes Us There

Client: Spotify

The Goal: 

Develop a campaign that positions Spotify as the go-to music app for metropolitan area commuters by advertising their new "Daily Mix" feature.

The Project:

Everyone knows taking public transportation can be a trying experience sometimes. Besides being a master at meditating, music is the one thing that can really help us keep our sanity when that baby is screaming, the train is stuck in the tunnel, or that dude next to you forgot to wear deodorant. Although we all listen to different types of music, we discovered that most people listen to music for the same reason: music takes us to a place that we feel free. Getting the right playlist together requires work though, it's hard to know exactly what song you want to hear next.That's why for this campaign we developed a series of ads that visualized this special feeling that music gives us and combined them with messaging that let commuters know that the Spotify Daily Mix feature creates customized daily mixes based off of their music taste. Thus, giving them an option to spend less time worrying about their next song and more time feeling free.

The Execution:

The campaign launched with a series of print ads that played off a simple visual style, with each ad utilizing one of Spotify's core brand colors. Each ad depicted someone listening to music with different tranquil scene projected against their faces.

To activate the campaign, we created an extension to the Spotify app that prompted users to tell where music takes them. It allowed users to combine a selfie with a background image to create their own stylized picture based of the look and feel of the campaign. From there users could easily share on Instagram or Facebook.

To build further hype for the campaign, we this we transformed one subway car, replacing its windows with high definition LED screens and speakers throughout the car. The screens projected images of outer space paired with new music. We showed the average person where music can truly take us and gave them the commute of a lifetime.